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Discover the landscape by sailplane

For those of you unfamiliar with this activity, but with an adventurous nature, Jean-Pierre will take you on an initiation flight of discovery, in this two-seater sailplane from the platform of Saint Auban’s National Gliding Centre. (CNVV)  The flight will last a minimum of 30 minutes, and much longer, weather and personal desire permitting.  Jean Pierre has 30 years instructing experience, and has logged more than 6000 hours of flying, so you’re in very safe hands! It is the most exhilarating experience for first timers, and by the far the best way to see the splendid scenery below. 


For gliding, there are various added services available, including internet access offering weather and data support, as well as the technical processing of your flights, available with GPS software.  In other words you’ll be able to sit down post flight and see exactly where you’ve flown.  The flying clubs are numerous in the Southern Alps, so there’s plenty of choice in prices, and courses ranging from complete novice to advanced.
St Auban

Where to fly

Here the grounds closest to the house are the CNVV, in Saint Auban.  This centre offers excellent training courses with fully qualified instructors.  The aerodrome is within 10 km of the house.  There is also the club of the AVCASA, which is the small local club.  The club at Sisteron is located at Vaumeil - a 25 minutes drive from the house to the north of Sisteron.  The club of la motte du Caire is a vélisurface - a 35 minutes drive north-east of the house.  Finally, Vinon is a 30 minute drive on the motorway.